HMS Cattistock (L35)

After her commissioning in July 1940, Cattistock performed convoy escort duties in the North Sea from then to June 1941. She was detached for the bombardment of Dieppe with HMS Quorn and HMS Mendip on 26 July 1942. After the failure of the raid, where she was slightly damaged,[3] Cattistockresumed convoy escort duties. In May 1944, Cattistock became part of Force G in preparation for Operation Neptune. During the landings, she escorted Convoy G1, which was composed of minesweepers. After arriving at the beaches, she deployed off Gold Beach, where she provided gunfire support. Cattistock conducted convoy escort duties off Normandy and switched to patrols against E-boat attacks in July 1944. On 7 July 1944, she sustained slight damage after an E-boat attack.


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