All menu items available Monday-Friday 12pm-3am 

Saturday & Sunday 11am-3am





Sauteed oxtail beef ragu served on a Martin's Potato roll

with finely chopped onions

The yardbird | 13

Pretzel coated fried chicken coated in our house made

Sambal Honey sauce with spicy mayo and pickled slaw on a

Martin's Potato roll

rookery cheeseburger | 12

Quarter pound Pat La Frieda beef patty served with cheddar

cheese, chopped onions, Brooklyn Brine pickles, and special

sauce served on a Martin's Potato roll

rookery stilton double blue burger | 18

Two quarter pound Pat LaFrieda burgers with Applewood smoked

bacon, Stilton blue cheese dressing and pickled red onions

served on a Martin's Potato roll

Grilled cheese | 14

Cheddar, gouda, Brooklyn Brine Damn Spicy! pickles and scallions

served on Grimaldi bread- Served with Tomato Soup

Egg sammy | 12

Applewood smoked bacon, avocado, spicy mayo, fried green tomato

and over easy egg on toasted homestyle white bread. Served with

home fries - Served with Homefries


(Sandwiches served with your choice of rosemary thyme fries, salad,

or shishito peppers unless noted differently.)



Tender goat simmered in a savory West Indian

curry, topped with whipped potato

fish & chips | 18

Founders All Day IPA beer battered cod with rosemary thyme

fries and malt vinegar tartar sauce

MAC & three CHEESEs | 12

The best ever. Pasta shells in a tangy gruyere, parmesan,

and sharp cheddar cheese béchamel sauce

full english breakfast | 16

Two sunny side up eggs, bacon, bangers, black pudding, baked

beans, marinated mushrooms, broiled tomato and toast.

pork chop cassoulet | 18

A seared maple glazed pork chop. Served on a bed of Pearl

Haricot Beans, simmered in duck fat, pork belly, bone marrow,

pork sausage, and winter vegetables

soups & salads


A crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce with house made Stilton blue cheese dressing,

crispy bacon and fried shallots

Jerk salad | 13

6 oz of jerk chicken breast or tofu on top of mesclun greens with pico de gallo,

dressed in pineapple vinaigrette & topped with sliced mango

Side salad | 6

Mesclun greens in the house vinaigrette & topped with both green and white onions


Mesclun greens, bacon, chicken breast,, hard boiled egg, shishito peppers, tomatoes, onions, bluer cheese and shallot dressing

shaneika’s garden salad | 13

Grilled tofu, mesclun greens, dried crispy mushrooms, avocado, shishito peppers, tomatoes and onion with shallot dressing

Chilled moroccan carrot soup | 12

With spicy baked chickpeas and scallions



rookery fries | 6

Thick cut steak fries with house made rosemary thyme seasoning

Served with spicy mayo

Cheese fries | 8

Fries topped with our house-made cheese sauce and green onion

loaded fries | 10

Loaded with ground beef, onions, bacon & our house-mades cheese sauce

Blistered shishito peppers | 8

Are they mild or spicy? It's a game of pepper roulette!

Potato Beet fritter | 10

Beet, carrots, and potato fritter served with a tzatziki sauce

and Indian spices 

rookery wings | 12

8 wings tossed in your choice of Sambal Honey or Jerk Barbecue sauce.

Served with blue cheese dressing


A perfect six-minute egg, swaddled in sausage, dredged in panko

and deep-fried!

Falafel scotch egg | 8

Classic Scotch Egg with a vegetarian twist served with a maple dressing

deviled eggs of the day | 5

An ever changing deviled egg!

fried pickles | 8

Brooklyn Brine Damn Spicy! pickles - beer battered and deep fried

Served with special sauce

Bone marrow | M/P

The tastiest of all the spreads! Roasted and served in the bone with toast

tips and an onion relish

fried oreos | 8

Served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Oh yes.