What is a Rookery?

A Rookery is where Ravens go to hang out. Usually a tree for them. In our case, a metaphor for lots of people drinking in our pub. 

I don't understand your menu. How can shepherds pie also have curried goat?

We hate the word fusion, but, well, we fused two ideas. Curried goat is a tasty West Indian dish, and Shepherd's Pie is a tasty English dish. 

Do you take reservations? 

We do not take reservations. However, if you are a large group, please do give us a call, or even better, email info@therookerybar.com, and we'll work it out.

Why don't you have Red Bull or Flavored Vodka? 

Come in, order a whisky, grab a barstool, and we'll be happy to explain it to you. 

What is a Scotch Bonnet and why is it in everything?

A Scotch Bonnet is a Tam, which is a hat worn by rastafarians and Scottish folk. A Scotch Bonnet Pepper is one of the hottest and most flavorful peppers that come from the West Indies. It happens to also look like the hat.  

 Why was I given a tarot card when I ordered at the bar? I got the Death card. Is that bad? 

We offer "traditional pub service" which means you order and pay at the bar, and someone will bring your food to the table. The tarot cards are for us to keep track of who ordered what. However, we cannot control what card you were given. If you would like an interpretation of your card or a full reading, please ask for our in-house tarot card reader, Shana. And no, the Death card isn't bad! It just means change is coming! Yeah! 

Can I have my [insert any idea here] at the Rookery? Can I rent it out? Can I shoot my film there? Can I bring my own DJ? 

We're not big fans of rigid rules about anything, except bad music taste. Send us an e-mail at info@therookerybar.com with what you have in mind, or call, (e-mail may be faster), and let's talk.